Case Study

Case Study: Belize

Heat Power
Sugar Factory Power Station
ECP Contractor: China Sfeco Group


Belize Sugar Industries Limited



Output Voltage:



2 x 2000KW @ 60Hz, 600rpm

About the project

Belize, North America population of 380,000 depends heavily on sugar factory power generation. In fact, sugar power generation is the main source of power. The 27.5MW biomass facility will burn sugar cane fiber (bagasse) as its primary fuel during both the in-crop period (December – July) and the out-of-crop period (August – November) and will be supplemented with two diesel engines (4MW) using No.6 fuel. Belcogen will generate baseload electricity of 13.5MW to supply the national grid under a signed PPA, and to supply Belize Sugar Industries with its electrical power (9MW) and steam requirements.

What we provided

  • 2 units of 2000KW medium speed Ningdong diesel generator set, with high voltage alternator.
  • Full addition of electrical and mechanical equipment for the power station.
  • On-site commissioning service.
  • Customer engineer training courses.

The Challenge

  • Must be multi-functional for peak time power, blackstart, and combined heat and power (CHP).
  • Meet client’s strict fuel consumption rate demand.

Our Solutions

Our diesel generator set provided out-of-crop period supplementary power, as well as blackstart system for the steam turbine power station. To maximize engine efficiency, the engine exhaust, otherwise wasted, are directed and transferred as heat to the steam turbine to reduce the steam turbine’s operation fuel consumption to generate required heat. This maximizes total efficiency which in return lowers total emissions from the steam turbine.


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