With you every step of the way

Customised Solutions

We listen to you needs

Customizing has become our nature and philosophy behind all of our products. We collect and provide the most suitable technology from around the world that matches our customer’s needs the best. From customer requirements, power demand patterns, piping to geological analysis, we create the perfect solution that utilises fossil fuel, hybrid power, and heat power available to each project. We not only listen to our customers, we provide solutions that our customers often don’t even know exists.

Manufacturing & Procurement

We can build it for you

Once the project criteria has been set, we can break down the complexity of the system into a detailed procurement list. We have partners from around the world that can provide the most complex systems, to the nuts and bolts of the hardware, at very competitive prices. Throughout the process, we guarantee to meet the utmost quality and lead time for the project. At the end, we can package into one system for you.

Design & Engineering

Our proudest trait

For every project, Caigate will lead all design and engineering. With our expert engineers, we can customise and configure our products to match the customer’s needs. All of our design work is done in industry standard platforms, which allows stress-free communication with our customer’s standard format. If you have any questions about the design or technology, we are more than happy to explain to you until you become experts with the design.

Construction & Commission

Comes in one package

At Caigate, we incorporate all possible power solutions into one package for our customer, and that includes construction and commission. We have the capability and experience in providing construction and commission according to customer’s request. Our service meets the highest-standard areas around the world, including areas where other constructors refuse to go, such as deserts, oceans, and extreme weather conditions, etc. With over 150 successful projects and many professionally trained engineers, we give our customers one-of-a-kind solution at a very competitive price.

Operation & Maintenance

25 years of proven track record

Caigate designs, build, and operate turnkey power plants globally. Of course, that goes without saying, we also maintain operation of over 150 projects. We understand very well the importance of the product life-cycle operation and maintenance. We have a near-perfect track record with positive feedback for the past 25 years.

Independent Power Producer

Providing new business model opportunities.

Caigate’s vision is to do all we can to provide the best technology and power solutions globally, especially to developing countries. Maybe you have a new technology, but limited access to life-changing projects, or you have the funding but not sure which is the best technology to choose, please contact us! Caigate can provide an alternative support and help you solve your financial challenges. Let us create a new business model for you.

If you have a question, we most likely have an answer!