Case Study

Case Study: Botswana

Fossil Power Blackstart
Morupule B 4x150MW CFB Coal-Fired Power Station
ECP Contractor: China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.


Botswana Power Corporation (BPC)



Output Voltage:



9 x 2000KW @ 50Hz, 1500rpm

About the project

Morupule 4×150 MW CFB Thermopower Plant is a national key project which is for purpose of satisfying the domestic electricity demand and of reducing the electricity import of neighbouring countries. The power plant requests advanced techniques and the time limit is rather short. The plant installs four 520t/h CFB boilers and four 150MW condensing air cooled turbo-generator units. The power supplies to State Grid of Botswana through a 400kV switch factory. Besides, the amount of this EPC contract amounts 970 million USD. This is the first time that Chinese companies access to the electric market of Botswana, and the biggest power plant project of the country so far. It gains the attention both of the Botswana government and Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Botswana.

What we provided

  • 9 x 2000KW Cummins Engine and Leroy-Somer alternator. Genset assembled in the United Kingdom.
  • Full set of a synchronized parallel control system and electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • Weather-proof and noise-proof modularised containers.

The Challenge

  • To comply with the influence of large motor load inrush on blackstart system stability.
  • Stability of 9 sets of units parallel synchronized to form the blackstart system.
  • To fit a 2000KW genset unit into a 40ft HQ standard container, and to reduce noise to under 85dB(A) at 1 meter.

Our Solutions

As one of the biggest blackstart system in Africa from a Chinese company, we had to synchronise parallel 9 sets of units to create the needed blackstart system. The project had to be approved by Fichtner, Germany. As well as multiple rounds of technical meetings with Chinese design consultants, universities, and EPC (China National Electric Engineering).


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