Case Study

Case Study: Turkey

Fossil Power Diesel Genset
Damlapinar Hydropower Plant
ECP Contractor: Harbin Electric Corporation


AES-IC Ictas Energy



Output Voltage:



2 x 260KW, 1 x 120KW @ 50HZ, 1500rpm

About the project

Over the past three decades, Harbin Electric International (HEI) progressed with its strategy of developing both thermal power and hydropower. Since the end of 1996, the export of hydropower equipment has grown in leaps and bounds, with sets of equipment for eight different hydropower plants being supplied in Iran, Vietnam, and Turkey. By the end of 2009, our total installed equipment capacity for foreign hydropower projects, completed, has reached 4,000MW, including the three Damplapinar Hydropower plant in Turkey.

What we provided

  • 3 diesel gensets (2 x 260KW, 1 x 120KW). Genset assembled by Broadcrown, UK.
  • Automated synchronized parallel to the main grid system.

The Challenge

  • To satisfy instantaneous emergency back-up power for health and safety reasons.
  • Must guarantee the reliability of diesel genset due to constant high humidity environment.

Our Solutions

Provide 1 set of 260KW diesel genset at 2 separate locations in Turkey, and 1 set of 120KW diesel genset at another location in Turkey. We needed to provide the best back-up emergency power to support any failure of the Hydropower plant. A failure of the hydropower plant can cause substantial flooding and damage to the electrical and mechanical machinery.

All diesel genset should start automatically and synchronized parallel with the main grid. The diesel gensets will begin operations only when the hydropower or the main grid fails.


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